Good vinyl music

Good vinyl music_c0060143_15111496.jpg

Very peculiar day today. Peculiar, indeed. It’s like I’m putting my foot on accelerator, at the same time stepping on break so hard. I don’t know if I’m going forward or back word. 

Anyway, I wanted to listen to a music on vinyl. Japanese call it “レコード(record)”.  I met a guy who’s in music industry who also is a member of a band, owning a curry shop. and a pasta restaurant. He also owns a record/vinyl store in Shimokitazawa. So, I deceded to go to his curry shop to listen to a music in vynil. But the curry shop doesn’t play a vinyl. Instead, thy play music usung tablet device. So, after I ate curry, I went to the other pasta place to grab a cup of coffee. But since the place is tio crowded, I gave up. I went to a vinyl music store but it was closed. I went there a little too early. 

Good vinyl music_c0060143_15242790.jpg

When I managed to listen to a vynil music finally,  it took so much effort. It used to be quite easy to listen to a music I want. Nowadays, I don’t even know how I can own a music that I love. 

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