Don’t afraid to take a big step

Don’t afraid to take a big step_c0060143_23140852.jpg

One door closes, the other door opens. There’s only one thing that I’ve got to do. Jump in, and be a part of new world. What’s the worst thing that happens?  Maybe you’ll lose everything and end up being homeless. I’m not afraid. Because I had done it already. 


That’s what it is. You climb a pole, and eventually reach to the top. Then, what would you do?  Trying to hold on to it? Stay there for ever?  Just take one more step and jump off the pole.  Then, you can pick the next pole to climb. Isn’t that fun?  

New year is coming. I’m ready to take a big leap. 

by t0maki | 2020-12-03 23:13 | Comments(0)