One week left to live in a paradise

One week left to live in a paradise_c0060143_10360777.jpg
20 minutes to write something. 20 minutes to write anything. 

20 minutes to think. 20 minutes to read. 20 minutes to post something. 

Twitter, blog, Facebook, Instagram and note. Anything I want. 

My weapon of choice today is blog. Language selection is English. There is no instruction nor rules. Just write all I want. 

I’ve been living in a capsule lately. I’m renting one of the rooms of Nakagin Capsule Tower. It’s a little cubicle attached on a tower. A tiny hide out.  

I can be anybody in there. I’m a creator, photographer, artist and writer. Nice place to be whoever I want. 

One week left to live in a paradise. 

by t0maki | 2019-11-14 10:32 | Comments(0)