Free writing

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So, I have 20 minutes I can write. That’s how long it takes to reach Ueno station. Just another ordinary day at the office. Nothing special. Nothing at all.

I know I’ve got to do things like getting used to use a new time sheet system, read bunch of document and create an proposal document, but I haven’t completed any of those. I still have a lot to do. I need more time.

Time is something we all have too much, yet it’s never enough. Just like money. We can’t get enough of it. Just like health. We realize how important it is after we’ve lost it.

I was reading a lot about the serial killers. There’s been more than a few of those in Japan. I realize they have certain character in common. They all had a tough childhood. They used to be smart, but failed at certain point of their lives. And most of all, they’re lonely. They may have family, but it makes them even lonelier.

That leads them to do some reckless things.

What can we do to stop those “delusional and confused man” from killing people? In a way, we feel they are so different from us and unable to communicate. Or are they?

They are not much different from us. They have the same psychological response like us. They just have encounted a bit different environment and experience from us. Just a little. But enough.

by t0maki | 2019-08-07 23:56 | Comments(0)