14 km walk

14 km walk _c0060143_12335265.jpg
Last time I drunk this much of “cha”, I ended up sleeping in my colleague’s house. 

Last night, I thought I made it. I took the last train home. Only then, I realized I was heading wrong direction. 

I got out at Shibuya. At that time I had a few option. Whether I stay in Shibuya until morning, take a taxi home, or find a place to stay for a night. 

I looked at a map on my phone, decided to walk my way back home. 

It was only 14km. Three hours would do. And I love walking.  

Well, I made to home around 4 a.m.  It was a good walk. I got nasty blisters on my feet, but it’s nothing. 

Silly thing, I got proud of myself. 

That was a long night. I got to meet my old friends from the company I used to work. It’s good to feel that I was a part of this team. I still am a part of this team. 

by t0maki | 2019-02-01 12:33 | Comments(0)