Dream Talking

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I was sitting in a hospital. My father was dying.

This is my dream talking. It didn't happen, but I felt like I did. I reacted like it actually happened.

What was my reaction?

Well, nothing. I was't particularly sad or anything. I just accepted it.

My boss came up to me and offered me a ride. No, that's not true. He offered me a job to give him a ride so he could write me a check.

The world is a very peculiar place.

Maybe it wasn't my father who was in his death bed. That could've been me. That had to be me. I was just watching me die. Money or job doesn't compensate our lives but it does. We live to work. We're dedicating our lives for money. Even though we can't bring money to our grave, we still need money to have a decent funeral, don't we?

by t0maki | 2016-05-04 04:41 | Comments(0)