Now is the time. Before it gets too late.

Now is the time. Before it gets too late. _c0060143_10371129.jpg

I'm not saying that every writing should give impact to change the world, but it would be nice to show a bit of something that changes the way people think or feel. I want to give a truth. Any kind of truth. It could be showing an idea to change people's perspective or fun way to use a gadget, truth about marketing, or it could be just a fragments of thoughts.

I feel that I'm scratching just a surface of the world around me. I know it contains some kind of truth in those daily activities. But I want more.
Life can be quite boring sometime. You'll see all the routine that surrounded by banality. Every day is just a next day of yesterday.

But sometimes, if your really looking for them with open mind and "can do" attitude, there'll be quite interesting things happening in your life. I know it because that's exactly what's happening in my life.

Life is full of adventure. You can experience something new all the time if you leave your comfort zone and stat looking for a new things.

Life is short, so do what you've got to do. Now would be a perfect time to start.

by t0maki | 2016-04-11 10:17 | 乱文・雑文 | Comments(0)