Esin workshop: Day 6

Day 6.
Very quiet. John went home because of his back pain. We were pretty much dedicating our entire time working on our project.

I was making this.
Esin workshop: Day 6_c0060143_9242082.jpg

Esin workshop: Day 6_c0060143_9241943.jpg

The title of this piece is "Urban Treehouse". I had a conceptual drawing first, then a photoshop image. The first mock was a easy concept model. Then, after. John's feedback, this is my second model.
I went downstairs and made this "building" out of MDF wood board. Took me about an hour to curve with laser cutter, including making illustrator file. Then, I started to glue the building inside each holes. Took me a half day to complete this. I could've done better, but this is the best I could during the workshop.

We reviewed our font. I was going to create hundred fonts. I'm still planning to. Then discussed about photo exhibition we all went out to see.

After the workshop, I took a couple of training course of wood curving machine. This was my fifth course I took during this workshop. Three were included on this workshop. I paid for the rest.

We got only four more days. Every minute counts.
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